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Proud Mama of a Boxer Boy

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Comment to be added! [9th December, 2020]
I am only posting this entry for people that are not on my Friends List. I have made my Page Friends Only. So if you are not on my list and would like to be please comment here! Thank you!

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Friends clean up [23rd November, 2011]
Just wanted to post that I did a friends clean up. There were just so many people that I didn't remember who they were and haven't comments on my posts in a very long while. Or I haven't seen them post in a very long time either. Not that I can talk about not posting in a long time because I have a hard time remembering to come on and post. I am trying to weed out the loose ends from my life! I will be doing the same thing on my FB sometime soon! There are a few people on my FB that I only added for certain games and I don't play the games anymore. Well I play a few, but only when I am bored or trying to pass the time. I don't care if I level up. So really I only play one game.

Well time for me to continue on my day. I have so much to do today!! Until Next time....
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